Meg Jackson

Office Manager

Meg is the Office Manager at Matilsky & Morris and she brings a strong business background that patients find reassuring when it comes to navigating the maze of paperwork that insurance forms bring to the medical process.

Her career includes running a half-million dollar budget at Florida State University, where a key part of her responsibility was ensuring compliance with not just university policies and procedures, but state and federal law. She also worked as the Director of Conferences at Vanderbilt University, a role that required her to coordinate a 11-person staff and increase revenues from the university’s summer conference program. Meg’s work helped better than double the incoming cash flow.

Meg’s professional expertise made her an ideal choice to oversee the task of ensuring that all paperwork meets the requirements of the insurance industry and the government and make certain that claims are taken care of in a painless and stress-free way.

Throughout her career, Meg has been more than just a professional — she’s active in her church and the community and understands the frustrations ordinary patients feel with the complexities of medical paperwork. Meg deals with those frustrations so our patients don’t have to.

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