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1109, 2014

Why LeBron James Is Suddenly Skinny

The basketball world has been buzzing lately about an unexpected decision LeBron James made this summer. It has already had sweeping effects across the NBA, and it has radically changed how everyone sees the sport’s biggest star.

He cut carbohydrates from his diet.

James, who also opted last month to leave the Miami Heat for his hometown […]

2802, 2013

HCG Weight Loss Boca Raton

The Benefits of HCG Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Matilsky, MD, a board certified doctor in Family Medicine, is located at the Boca Center for Healthy Living. Dr. Matilsky has a goal to help people lose excess weight and rediscover a life filled with healthy, youthful living. Transforming lives, one person at a time through an HCG […]