Hematology is the study of the blood.  Blood diseases patients bring through the doors of their doctor’s office are wide and varied. Matilsky & Morris brings professional expertise and personal compassion when it comes to identifying these diseases, laying out a proper course of treatment, and maintaining continued follow-up with each one of our patients.

Dr. Morris has spent his entire career preparing to meet the patients who come through the door with fears about what kind of problems might be in their blood. He is board certified in Hematology and completed a two-year fellowship in Hematology at Mount Sinai Hospital. Call (561) 994-2007 and he’ll be happy to see if he can help you too.

Types of Hematology Blood Disorders


A loss of red blood cells can result in anemia with the resulting symptoms including a loss of oxygen. Is this due to something as basic as lack of iron and other important vitamins, or excessive menstrual bleeding? Or is it related to a deeper cause such as bone marrow failure?

Blood Clots

A stoppage in bleeding can have the consequence of creating blood clots, a condition that can be especially prominent in patients who have had a recent heart attack