Comprehensive Wellness Programs
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Preventative Medicine
At Boca Raton Center for Healthy Living, we practice preventative medicine, a field of medicine that focuses on preventing diseases before they occur rather than treating and curing existing diseases and symptoms. Preventive care includes extensive medical history, cutting-edge lab testing and physical examination that’s tailored to an individual’s age, health, and family history. If you are looking for ways you can protect your health, prevent disease and delay the onset of degenerative aging, call and schedule an appointment today. We offer many preventive medicine services, including nutrition and exercise programs, vitamin supplementation, weight loss, hormone optimization, if indicated, as well as customized lifestyle and age management plans.
Age Management Medicine
Age Management Medicine is all about keeping you healthy and preventing the occurrence of disease. You don’t have to have a chronic illness to benefit from this proactive approach to healthcare. With the help of the most current medical standards and practices, Age Management Medicine is designed to make sure you’re functional and active for as long as possible. The basic tenets of Age Management Medicine include:
Bio-Identical Hormones

Hormones play a very important role in the health of your brain, bones, muscles, heart and every other vital organ system. In addition to their necessary contribution to your physical well-being, hormones also help frame your emotional and mental outlook on life.

Unfortunately, as our bodies age we produce less of these essential hormones, which may be signaled by weight gain, foggy thinking, poor quality sleep, fatigue, and hot flashes, among other indicators. Menopause and andropause (male menopause) may cause physical changes due to hormonal deficiencies.

We are pleased to be offering both compounded hormone creams as well as BioTE hormone pellets. Click the link below for more information on BioTE.

Learn More About Hormones and Hormone Deficiency Symptoms > Symptoms of lower hormonal levels can include:
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Dr. Matilsky has been board certified in family medicine for more than 30 years. She is also board-certified in anti-aging medicine. Expert in functional medicine

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