For most patients, medical treatment becomes more complex as the years pass by and prevention becomes increasingly vital. Dr. Steven Morris brings three decades of work to the field of internal medicine, and as a teacher of young physicians and participant in groundbreaking cancer research, there are few better qualified to handle the unique set of health issues patients bring through the doors at Matilsky & Morris.

Dr. Morris routinely handles patients who need help with:

  • Common health problems
  • Chronic conditions
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Hormone imbalance
  • And more…

Dr. Morris’ work in cancer research, internal medicine and his leading role in the south Florida medical community ensure that he is on the front line when it comes to new developments and breakthroughs in medicine. That puts you first in line to receive the best possible care – both diagnostic and preventive.

Whatever the internal medicine problem, Dr. Morris is able to get – quite literally – to the heart of the matter. Call (561) 994-2007 and set up an appointment to see if he can help you too.

Antioxidant Laser Scanning

Perhaps no area of Dr. Morris’ work is as exciting as Antioxidant Laser Scanning, a new service being offered to address patients’ overall care. This new scanning technology enables our doctors to accurately monitor your antioxidant levels, something the medical community believes is as important as monitoring cholesterol levels or blood pressure.

If understanding and monitoring cholesterol levels can save lives through better cardiovascular care, then understanding and monitoring antioxidant levels can save lives by decreasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and complications related to diabetes. Furthermore, antioxidants can slow down the aging process, boost your immune system, and decrease inflammation.

While previous technologies were not reliable in monitoring the progress of treatments aimed at increasing antioxidant levels, the Antioxidant Laser Scanner provides accurate measurements that allow us to recommend appropriate nutritional supplements that will assist you in maintaining better health.

Call (561) 994-2007 to schedule your appointment today. We encourage you to schedule your Family and Friends as well.

Antioxidant Laser Scanner on Dr. Oz Show:

Antioxidant Laser Scanning